Six10 Management Story

In 2014, when Founder, Jacob Blackett & Operations Director, Vanessa Turner, set out to build Six10 Management their goal was to do things very different than a property management service was typically done in the industry. The Six10 Management objective is to focus on the people within the property and not just focus on the asset itself. Ensuring that there is a thorough underwriting process and getting to know the tenants that are placed in a Six10 Management encourages a working relationship, cooperation and a better long term outcome. We leverage today’s newest technology and adopt innovative and new approaches in Property Management. Providing an easy to use tenant portal for communication and maintenance requests streamlines the process for both tenant and Six10 Management.


Six10 Management know that “people come before things” and working cooperatively together provides the best strategy for maintaining longevity and tenant satisfaction.


What Sets Us Apart


At Six10 Management, we care about providing excellent service to our residents, clients, and partners — in our business transparency, ethics, and open communication are the foundation of our business model. Every day, we work towards making a difference in the community. We make it our mission to beautify neighborhoods and provide quality homes that are assets to the community.